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Our Plant Life Story

In 2017, Plant Life Meals owners Liz and David went 100% plant-based and loved not only how it improved their health, but they soon learned the incredible impact that eating a plant-based meal has on the planet.

Wanting more local vegan options, they found dining out to be too expensive to do regularly (and there were limited options), and cooking daily while working full-time was becoming cumbersome. Meal prep companies were on the rise but they were stumped when frozen food with tons of wasteful packaging was the norm — and no one was talking about the amazing impact of a plant-based diet. There had to be a better way! Therefore, in Summer 2019, Plant Life Meals (PLM) was born.

Today, PLM proudly serves thousands of fresh (never frozen), delicious, and ready-to-eat plant-based meals each month to our community in the Greater Seattle Region.

If you’re passionate about the planet and delicious vegan food, the PLM team is growing and would love to hear from you!

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Our Team

Elizabeth Medeiros Read more

Elizabeth Medeiros

Co-Owner, Head of Operations

Liz is a California native with a passion and deep knowledge for public health. After obtaining her Master in Public Health from the University of Washington and conducting public health research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Liz decided to write a plant-based recipe book. After learning about the need in Seattle for more vegan options, Liz set out to make vegan food more accessible for her beloved Seattle community.

David VanGeystel

David VanGeystel

Co-Owner, Head of Business Development
Katie Schneider Read more

Katie Schneider

Chef + Kitchen Operations

Katie transitioned into a vegan lifestyle in January 2018 to help combat her poor food choices that lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome amongst other health problems and ailments. In the time since adopting a plant-based diet, Katie has become vegan for more than just her health and has used her voice through social media to help promote veganism, animal rights, sustainability, and cruelty-free alternatives through science and education. Katie has also recently picked up indoor gardening and is excited to learn more about becoming self-sustainable for basic needs. Katie has had a passion for creating comforting, flavorful food and sharing that love with friends, family and new acquaintances since she was old enough to help her mom in the kitchen. When Katie is not involved in food and plants, you'll find her doing yoga, or researching our ancient past, reading philosophy, studying physics or astronomy.

Erika Horton Read more

Erika Horton

Chef + Kitchen Operations

Born and raised in Washington, Erika loves spending time in the outdoors - and, fitting enough, is looking forward to the rainy season! Hiking is a life-long passion, she also spends a lot of time making art when the weather takes a turn. That includes acrylic painting, carving soapstone, sewing, and embroidery are just a few ways she fills her time. It could be said that learning new skills is a hobby in and of itself. That includes learning the basics of being vegan as a new venture too! Erika always finds ways to be creative and has prioritized expression and reinvention in her personal life as well as her career, making PLM a perfect match!

Madeline Dwight Read more

Madeline Dwight

Chef + Kitchen Operations

Madeline has been vegan for 6 years and as a result, cooking has become a big passion of hers. In her free time, Madeline is most likely to be found in the kitchen trying out a yummy plant-powered recipe. Madeline is also a fantastic writer, a nature advocate, and a photographer.

Noah Segobia

Noah Segobia

Caitlin Arnot-Copenhaver Read more

Caitlin Arnot-Copenhaver

Administrative Assistant

Born in Washington and raised amongst the California redwoods, Caitlin's passion for sustainability and the outdoors started young. After spending most of her teenage years as a vegetarian, Caitlin went vegan about 7 years ago and immediately became a full-blown vegan food fanatic. She loves getting outside on hikes, trying new recipes, gardening, and helping provide Plant Life Meals customers with excellent service.

Kristen Oliphant Read more

Kristen Oliphant

Kitchen Operations

Kristen moved to Seattle from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017 in pursuit of being closer to the mountains and water. Her happy place is spending the day moving fast through the mountains. She went vegan in 2012 after health issues and fell in love with learning how to cook, food, and traveling to new places, and finding the best vegan restaurants. Also, Kristen loves anything related to the outdoors, Mt. Rainier National Park, drinking coffee on a porch with a view, music, traveling, avocados, sunsets, friends, family, and the best two cats in the world.

Madhusree Narayan

Madhusree Narayan

Writer + Content Developer
Plant Life Meals