It’s Women’s History Month and it’s been such a treat to see other women creators, business owners, and artists sharing what it means to be their own person. Looking back on my journey, I see so many different versions of myself. Some I absolutely loved, others not so much but I am not one bit regretful of the way things happened to shape me who I am today.

Along the way, I also learnt and unlearnt a ton of notions, I rephrased my mind’s voice to be more uplifting and empowering. This International Women’s Day, here’s a list of things I unlearnt because knowingly or unknowingly I have judged fellow women for their choices in the past and I want to do better & nurture more meaningful equations:

  1. Not to judge a woman’s clothing choices. Just because what she wore isn’t something I would, doesn’t give me the right to roll my eyes at it.
  2. Not to look down upon a woman’s relationships. What goes between two people in a relationship is their own and not for the world have opinions about.
  3. Doing away with terms like drama queen. Everyone emotes differently and it’s okay if someone people are more openly emotional about things.
  4. Not having any conversation about someone’s vital stats. Enough with the, “Did you see how much weight she has put on?” I’m trying my best not to make this a central point of conversation with someone.
  5. Respectfully disagreeing with someone who has different opinions. I used to get too caught up with a certain school of thought, which wasn’t a constructive way to go about discussions.
  6. Since social media is a big part of our lives, judging someone on their life choices comes easy. I am ensuring that I am not critical about women sharing what they feel like over such platforms.
  7. Internalizing that gender roles can be fluid. It can also be about what someone is interested in and it’s okay if their interests don’t fall under traditional gender roles.
  8. Doing away with vain gossip. Gosh, I picked up this habit in college and I know how unreasonably critical I have been of women whom I hadn’t even spoken to. No more!

Let’s be kind and create a more empowering space for everyone — Happy International Women’s Day! What have you unlearnt?

Madhu Narayan
Mondays with Madhu
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals