I see a sudden rise in plant-based beauty products. It’s an amazing and much-needed revolution in the beauty industry, don’t you think? Natural ingredients, chemical-free, and something that leaves your skin feeling loved. Personally, I have never used too many products on my face. I have been brought up on a healthy dose of homemade face packs and remedies. Whenever I felt rebellious and tried that famous brand of skincare, it disappointed me to the core. I couldn’t notice any visible change on my skin. Whereas, whenever I used home-based packs, it delivered EVERY SINGLE time!

So, today without any delay let me quickly share this plant-based face pack recipe. This reminds me of that Tiktok hack gone wrong. I saw girls applying turmeric directly on their faces expecting a nice glowy hue instead were left with a very visible yellow stain. Please do your research before trying new home remedies, ask friends who you know do it on a daily basis. I am here to let you know that turmeric is a part of the recipe but it’s just a pinch and not the pack in itself!

In the northern part of India, Ubtan is very commonly used especially on a bride-to-be. A mix of ayurvedic herbs that leaves the skin feeling supple and ready for makeup! The natural glow that you get from this pack is incomparable.

Here’s what you need to make this mask:

  • Besan or chickpea flour (easily available in any Indian grocery store)
  • Pinch of turmeric
  • Coconut oil – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 cup


  1. Dump everything in a small bowl and slowly add water to make it into a paste. It shouldn’t be too runny or else it won’t stick on your face. Spreadable consistency is what you’re trying to achieve.
  2. Apply uniformly on your face (I also apply a thin layer on my lips, which works as a perfect exfoliator)
  3. Leave it on until it dries off completely (~20 mins)
  4. Gently scrub your face with water until everything comes off
  5. Wash your face again to remove any residual
  6. Dab your skin with a dry towel and enjoy your lovely skin

This mask works on removing dead skin, blackheads, exfoliates without creating microabrasions, lightens any acne scars, and is not hard on our planet. I do this at least once a month!

What are some natural skincare routines that you enjoy?

Madhu Narayan
Mondays with Madhu
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals