Waking up with a heavy mind and not jumping to start the work day is something I am hearing a lot these days. With work from home being everyone’s new normal, we are all trying to figure this out and not lose our minds in the process. I was talking to my husband yesterday and he said something very simple but it hit home. He said, “I used to associate home with comfort, relaxation, casual and everything opposite of my workplace!” Turning your happy space into your workspace didn’t happen out of choice and so the struggles that come with it. Earlier, we had the option of ‘leaving all our worries’ at work and coming home to either distract ourselves until the next day or vent and go back with full force! 

Psychologically, we compartmentalise our spaces with feelings and now the rigid boundary is non-existent and I just want to address that in this week’s Mondays with Madhu.

The new ‘It’ word is Hygge (pronounced hue-guh). It’s Danish that roughly translates to being fully content in any space you are in, as ordinary as having a cup of tea in your nook or as extraordinary as seeing the best views after a long hike! Now, we’re all tied to our homes with so many rightful restrictions in place. 

A space where you are just you, the you that’s not chasing deadlines, the you that’s not attending painfully long meetings, the you that is just you, the you that’s not an employee after it logs off; that space has suddenly become everything gets you worked up and maybe even frustrated! The world order might have changed but the workload hasn’t, maybe it’s become more than ever. Do you often feel that you are running away from your home office or maybe even your home in general? It’s totally normal to be feeling this because of all the reasons I mentioned above. Let’s go back to the new favourite word Hygge. It says we have to create pockets of happiness around us to lift our spirits. Keep it simple with maybe making a comfort meal or chatting with a friend after a long time, pick up some flowers and look at them while having your meal (too poetic, oh well!) or even step out in the sun. This isn’t your usual ‘top 5 tips to rejuvenate while you are WFH” thing. This is you trying to figure how to compartmentalise again and be happy in the limited space that you are getting. The problem is quite real and I only realised it after talking to my friends who are under tremendous pressure to perform 8 hours/day, 5 days a week. 

Today’s conclusion is more of a check in: How are you handling the frustration of working from home? 

Madhu Narayan
Mondays with Madhu
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals