Welcome to another edition of Mondays with Madhu and this week I am going to share a fun lockdown activity I indulged in, which quickly turned into a lockdown life lesson! 

I went back and read all the moral stories that I heard when I was young. It was so refreshing to see how I analyzed it, now that I’m comparatively more mature and grown as a person. This particular story is called Two pots. And the story goes something like this…

One earthen (clay) pot and one copper pot were floating away among other household items in a tragic cyclone. The copper pot looked at the earthen post and exclaimed that he is made of clay and is weak so his chances of drowning in this flood would be more than the copper’s. It also told the earthen pot to stick with the copper pot so that they could both swim to safety. The earthen pot humbly declined the offer and swam to the shore slowly. The copper pot tried swimming but drowned after it was filled to the brim with the flood water. The moral of the story was, “Weakness is not in appearance!” 

As a kid, I thought that I shouldn’t be disheartened that I have a frail frame — I can take on any person that tries to mess with me (ah! the innocence). But now, I think of all those times I stayed quiet because the person in front of me was loud and intimidating enough to shut me up.

Weakness was not just about appearance, it was more about how strong am I mentally, how much I believed in my own capabilities and was confident enough to showcase them. I am the most non-confrontational person you would find. I would rather be quiet than correct someone who is blatantly wrong. But as I navigate a new “me” through this lockdown, I know that I am much more than my silence and that I shouldn’t let anyone take me down just because they have the guts to say what they feel like. Weakness doesn’t stem from how easily you are able to stand up for yourself, it stems from not deciding to have your own back. That took a long time to get absorbed in my system, honestly! 

You know, there are those people who advise more and listen less? I used to succumb to them very easily but these days, I like to stand my ground and keep at it. That kind of confidence is enough to let them know that you have got this. It’s time that I sit in the driver’s seat of this crazy ride called life.

How has this lockdown changed or is changing you? 

Madhu Narayan
Mondays with Madhu
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