I sat down to write another installment of Mondays with Madhu when it dawned on me that I need to clean my laptop with disinfectant wipes before I use it — I had put this task off for too long! As I was cleaning the screen, the topic for today’s blog changed to what you’re going to read below! Funny, how an idea strikes when you least expect it. 

When I was a kid, we used to go to my hometown during the summer break and the first thing my grandmother used to do after we came back from playing all day long was to pluck a few neem tree branches (or Indian lilac) from our front yard and soak it in the bath water. She told me that this would remove all the germs from the body and keep the skin healthy. So, basically – a NATURAL disinfectant! There are just too many benefits of this tree which is predominantly found in the Asian regions. I remember it being used in water to wipe the floors and kitchen counters even before disinfectants were invented! Neem tree in front of the house is known to keep flies and mosquitoes away. 

I remember eating ground neem leaves mixed with tamarind and other spices. You can mix it in rice or use it as an accompaniment to other dishes. This was especially served during summers because it has a cooling effect on the body, works wonders on metabolism, and clears your stomach of ulcers! Magical, right?

If you’ve visited any village in India, you would find a neem tree, a mango tree, and a holy basil plant because our ancestors strongly believed in natural remedies and didn’t rely on mass produced products! I see myself going back to old-school treatments for everything, so I’ll share a few in my subsequent blog posts! 

Do you have any age-old treatments that you could naturally source or was taught to by your grandparents? Let’s chat!

Madhu Narayan
Mondays with Madhu
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