One of my friend’s highly suggested watching ‘Younger’. I finally got around to doing it and instantly knew that it was time for another binge session with this one.

“Younger” revolves around a story of a 40-year-old separated stay-at-home mom with a teenage daughter. She is finally out of a difficult marriage and looking to get back to the workplace. Before her daughter was born, she worked for a publishing house and wants to do the same again, except now she apparently is a bit too old to bag a job profile like that. The solution — her best friend asks her to lie about her to get selected. Eventually, she does land a position with a publishing house in Manhattan. Before I summarise all the plot points with spoilers, please go watch it?

All through the series, I kept wondering about all those instances she could have come out with the truth. If I were in her place, I would have cashed in on all the moments I got to make my life a 100 times easier than it was. But, that’s the thing about the difficulties, you always tend to explain it better looking back.

What truly caught my attention is one of the scenes where one of the characters takes up an assignment, works through it and isn’t convinced enough to forward it to her seniors. Her colleague instantly looks at her and says, “Don’t self-reject!”. How many of us have done this to ourselves? I can’t recount the number of times I have conceived an idea in my head and rejected it even before it’s got a chance to see the light of day! I mainly reject them thinking they sound stupid or aren’t good enough to be turned into reality. I even self-reject conversations, suggestions and sometimes advice in my head.

Later, when someone else gets thanked for helping someone out with their ideas, I get disheartened simply because I screened things from my end and didn’t allow myself to be heard. This was especially harmful while I was working full-time. I hardly spoke up during team meetings because of this constant mind funnel that filtered out all my ideas.

I am working on successfully formulating an idea to fruition without any layers of self-rejection, doesn’t come easy let me tell you. But I want to let my ideas live even if they get shot down. 

What about you? Are you the courageous one who goes for it or do you self-reject as well?

Madhu Narayan
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals