I was watching a Netflix original yesterday (Bhaag Beanie Bhaag – translates to ‘Run Beanie Run’). The whole series you would see her running in reality and metaphorically! The protagonist in it calls herself a silent spectator of her life, runs from her own engagement party because she had a spot in a bar to do stand up comedy, which is her passion. No one around her understood her so-called “irrational” decision of leaving her full-time management job and going into a seemingly unknown territory of performance arts.

I could 100% relate to her and the way she was handling things. I lacked clarity and I wasn’t too sure how my life was going to be in the next few years after I joined college. I had no clue what would become of me if I didn’t decide a course of life and stick to it. I feared my past and my future, and very well forgot to enjoy and be in the now.

This continued to happen way into 2018-2019, until I finally decided to give up on things I couldn’t control. I can’t stress this enough, and my own Instagram handle played a big role in it. For the very first time I was working extremely hard, enjoying it and was extremely confident with my own plans to progress. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt like this, mainly because I was heavily dependent on someone (parents, friends, spouse) to help me make a decision.

I know there has been a lot of flak towards 2020 — everyone is either canceling this year, making memes out of it or blatantly want it to end. But this year gave me the chance to grow and realise how much extra weight I have been carrying around all these years! So, amongst all the hate for 2020, I am extremely thankful and hoping I translate this energy to 2021 as well. Here’s to not running away from situations and to letting go *clink*!

What were some things you ran away from in the past but not anymore? Comment below.

Madhu Narayan
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals