You know how many times I write a whole paragraph before pressing the backspace button? Writing is second nature for me but at times, ideas just don’t flow. So much so that you wonder how can you claim to be so good at it? Don’t tell me it’s just me.

When I am stuck in a rut, I usually try to distract myself with some TV or trying a new recipe. Spending time in the kitchen works as a jumpstart. Sometimes ideas strike without any warning and you run to the nearest pen and notepad to jot them down.

But what about all those times when the mind is completely empty and out of new and valuable ideas? This can be especially frustrating and draining for people who are genuinely wanting to put authentic, real and wholesome content out there.

Here’s what I do to find inspiration and start afresh every time I hit that roadblock:

  1. Step away: I am all for the hustle mindset but true power comes from knowing when to take that break. You cannot be your best self if you are functioning like a machine churning out ideas.
  2. Read blogs, books, news: Isn’t it fun to put your take on popular opinions out there? I see the maximum relatability when I put my spin on it, explain how I have processed that information and how it changed the way I thought.
  3. Have conversations: Can’t tell you how many times I have written or shared something that came out of a wonderful conversation with my husband or a friend. Real talk always generates new ideas and not just clones of all the other ideas out there.
  4. Stop chasing perfection: I am guilty of doing this which is why most of the ideas I think don’t take the shape of a blog. If they don’t turn out as good as it was in my head, I prefer not writing it all. So, I would take this point as a note-to-self. Record that video, make that recipe, paint that canvas, play that song.
  5. Stop playing safe: I read on a blog that said most creatives out there like to do likeable things. We voluntarily choose to steer clear of vulnerable, controversial and politically-incorrect topic. Take some risks for high rewards.

In addition to this, I have started combating Seattle winters which are generally gloomy with a 30-minute power walk every morning. I listen to some upbeat music and get going! I think about my upcoming day and what I should be doing with the time I have. Sometimes, it may just be what I plan to have for breakfast but it refreshes my mind.

What are some of your tips to get back to feeling inspired? Let me know in the comments below.

Madhu Narayan
Guest blogger, Plant Life Meals