Clean beauty lives in your pantry

I was into plant based skincare before it became cool. There was only one way to replenish and repair your skin and that was relying on home remedies and using ingredients that were part of your daily grocery. Natural plant extracted ingredients work like a charm and would put your other skincare products to shame, I promise you! Try this recipe out and let me know what you think.

Hug in a bowl

Having grown up in the midst of protein-packed dals (lentils), my appreciation for them grew after I moved to the U.S. A perfect comfort food and packed all the great nutrients, I list all different types dals you should give a go!

Breakfast with a side of memories

No one realises the importance of a well-laid and regular supply of breakfast until you are the one getting up in the morning wondering what to make. When I started handling my kitchen, I preferred eating a brunch directly. I didn’t want to get up and right away prepare something to eat but by the time I could eat my lunch I was extremely hungry. Then one day I randomly made breakfast and cursed my laziness. Now, I look forward to it every day!

Youth is wasted on the young?

Wish I could tell my 20 year old self to not get caught up in the vanity metrics like weight, beauty and the clothes you wear. Wish I could also show her that it gets better. Today i look back on all the insecurities I had and how it affected the way I saw myself. Not anymore though.

Salad day everyday

Salads were my mortal enemy until I figured a way to make it delish for myself. My salad doesn’t have any fancy dressing and it’s pretty low maintenance. Not just that, there are so many different ways to make this salad that you wouldn’t find it boring even if you eat it daily.

Learn to unlearn

Having been around people who found commenting on a woman’s everything, it was quite normal for me to think, act and speak that may now seem problematic. But the fact is, it always was. This week’s Monday’s with Madhu is about unlearning those experiences.