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Fun fact -- most of our customers aren’t vegan! Our fresh (never frozen) meals are ready-to-eat and contain zero meat, dairy, or eggs — all plant-based ingredients & packed with flavor.


Your delicious meals are plated in compostable & microwave-safe containers and hand-delivered to your door on Sundays or Mondays -- we’ll send a text once delivered!


With our easy subscriptions, we’ll keep the fresh food coming weekly, or purchase one time with try us out! Store your meals in the fridge & enjoy having incredible tasting food on hand.


With each order, you’ll receive your weekly stats on how much water, trees, animals, & CO2 emissions you’ve saved by choosing plant-based.

Our Current Menu


Carly R. // Seattle, WA

“Plant Life Meals took care of me when I was unable to cook for myself because I only had a hotel mini fridge and microwave. As a vegan, I thought a meal service would be impossible to find. I was wrong. Plant Life Meals’ food is delicious, nutritious, varied, and made with care. The customer service was great, with Liz and Dave a text away if my plans had changed. The meals were super reasonably priced considering I didn’t have to cook, clean, or drive to the food store. I highly recommend Plant Life Meals if you can’t or don’t want to cook. I really enjoyed the pancakes and I don’t even like pancakes.”

Devan C. // Seattle, WA

“Plant Life Meals are a great way to incorporate healthier options into your busy schedule. You don’t have to be vegan or even trying to go vegan to give them a try because the meals are so tasty! Not only are the meals freshly made, properly portioned and delicious but they’re also hand-delivered. So you get to meet and chat with David and Liz! They offer multiple plan options as well as an array of food items. Oh yeah, they’ve for breakfast foods too! I’d highly recommend plant-life meals to any of my friends and family. It’s. Totally. Worth. It. <3”

Rachael F. // Brier, WA

“The food is tasty and the customer service is great!! I started this a couple of weeks before the COVID business closures, it has been such a help during a stressful time. As someone who typically stress eats, having healthy food ready to grab has been a blessing I did not anticipate when I originally signed up, but one I’m especially thankful for during such a uncertain (and very stressful) time. I’m also not someone who typically eats plant based, so I’ll admit I was cautiously optimistic about how much I’d like the food, but I love it! I genuinely crave it and look forward to my meals! As a added bonus to getting tasty healthy food, it’s good for my soul to be doing my part helping support a small business during a time they need us most. So thankful for Plant Life Meals!”

Crystal E., // Redmond, WA

“This place has the best customer service. I love being able to text my questions, and relevant, text updates. The food plant based with great vegan options, and it tastes great. Great bonus; all the packaging is compostable! My plan is a pickup plan of 5 or more meals, where I pick up food at the The Bar Method in Redmond. However, due to current event's, pick up has changed to the location where they make the food, or they will deliver to your door. Today, they delivered to my building and texted me when they arrived. They were friendly, and fast.”

Carly S. // Seattle, WA

“My boyfriend and I have been curious about going vegan for the last couple of months. Even though we aren’t 100% there, Plant Life Meals has slowly introduced us to delicious vegan foods that get delivered straight to our door! The meals fill you up and leave your belly feeling happy! I would highly recommend Plant Life Meals to anyone who is vegan, curious about going vegan, or who just looking to add healthier foods into their diet.”

Truong L. // Renton, WA

“So I am making some changes in my life and reveiwing more of what I eat as a possible solution to the recent injuries, health and recovery issues i've gone though. Going plant based was of interest but I was horrible with knowing what to do and what taste best. Like anything, there is a learning curve. This has helped jump start that but also give me a well rounded array of food. Saves me so much time, money and getting to try healthy recipes as I'm on the go often. Highly recommend!”

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