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What PLM customers are saying:

Easily the best meal prep service in Seattle and the surrounding areas. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both David and Liz, and it’s never been more clear to me that they care about the health of the people of Seattle and the surrounding areas, the environment, and sustainability. This is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a meal prep delivery service…not to mention, they’re organic, GMO free, vegan, and gluten free. Best investment BY FAR that I’ve made since Covid. You should, too!

Jessica F.

Plant Life Meals are delicious (even to non-vegans), filling, and delivered right to my door by the nicest people in Washington! I am so grateful to have found PLM, especially during these crazy times. Local, vegan, and crave-worthy! Can’t beat it.

Stacy M.

Plant Life Meals has been an awesome addition to our weekly meals. The food is delicious, fresh and I feel like I’m eating out! Plus there’s a lot of variety – not to mention that it’s healthy and great for the environment! We really love the food (the mushroom Bibimap is great and my husband loves the cinnamon rolls) and the team is super responsive with any questions I have making it very friendly and personalized. I’d highly recommend Plant Life Meals – whether vegan or not – it’s been a great way to change our eating habits and preferences! Thank you Liz and David!

Kara M.

We love PLM! They have made COVID life, WFH/Homeschooling easier by taking the off the pressure of cooking and eliminating decision fatigue. I feel like PLM is my family’s support system when it comes to food, the food is good, it’s nutritious, and we’re able to be successful because we utilize their services. Get the spaghetti. And the cinnamon rolls. So so so good.

Lou C.

We were on a mission as a company to provide lunch for our team for an upcoming company meeting where everyone had to attend virtually due to COVID. We didn’t want to go the traditional route of using a big name food delivery service, but rather wanted to support another local business in our community.

This is where Plant Life Meals comes in. We reached out to them less than 2 weeks before our company meeting was going to take place. They responded quickly and made our request happen. They cooked and delivered delicious plant based meals so everyone on our team could have something yummy and high quality to eat while at home.

Liz & David were so wonderful to work with. We love Plant Life Meals and would absolutely use them again!

Lila W.

So excited to have found PlantLife Meals! I love that every Sunday my fridge is stocked with high quality, healthy and delicious meals. Every meal I try becomes a new favorite! I know can spend more time with family without compromising on health. Thanks for all that you do!

Joy J.

I’m so thankful for Liz and David of plant life meals for many reasons. I’m a mother of three and having my food delivered once a week is a game changer. Not only does it help me with quick, already prepared, healthy, delicious food on the go, I can 100% feel good about what’s going in their body.
Not just their body, me as well! I workout for a living so I care about my fuel intake. Remember what goes in my mouth reflects on your body, so I want to be purposeful with what I eat. I feel better, I have more strength to keep me going during my long days and I’m supporting two of the most honest entrepreneurs in my world.
Plant life meals helps me to eat clean, how about her performance in my classes and live a healthier lifestyle all around. I’m so thankful for their meals!

PS I’ve tried all their meals, they’re all wonderful, so you can’t go wrong with anything you order.

Lindsay T.

I can’t say enough positive things about Plant Life Meals! My fiancé and I have been debating a meal service for months but didn’t want to “waste money”. This business is wonderful! The meals are absolutely delicious, healthy, great portions and good for the environment! Liz and David are also amazingly kind and wonderful communicators! We’ve changed our delivery instructions three times and they’ve let me know every time they’ve delivered our orders! This gives me major peace of mind living in the city and worrying about package theft.

This is a meal service that will make you wonder why you haven’t found the right one yet. 🙂 Thank you, Plant Life Meals!

Hannah L.

So I have wanted to make a move towards eating more plant based. Always had a hard time sticking with it long term for many reasons but mainly taste and time were large factors. I found out about Plant Life Meals from a friend, owning a gym I needed healthy, easy options on the go. Well, I found it! I’ve been able to have 90% of my nutrition being plant based, the selections are great for me to pick and choose and the delivery for my self and even my gym members have been phenomenal. The service is also great bc they listen to feedback and always looking to better what they did last. I also think its great that we can help the environment, eat healthy and feel great! Definitely consider trying them out!

Truong L.

I always wanted to go Vegan, but lacked the creativity in the kitchen to really make that effort. It wasn’t until a friend told me about Plant Life Meals that I was tastefully inspired to go completely Vegan. Their meals are so yummy and it helps me see what’s possible. I love PLM!

Allison G.

Been using their services for about 6 months now and its been amazing! Love their constant improvement attitude and it reflects in their service, meals/menu. Love the healthy convenient options which is why I still order today.

E. Marie

Incredible food, customer service and overall experience with this company. They have a wide variety of very tasty and healthy food all the while being environmentally conscious with compostable containers. Amazing all the way around.

Tony B.

Healthy, affordable and delicious. Getting my Plant Life meal is one of the highlights of my week. It’s soooo good and they mix up the meals so I always get a nice surprise.

Paul B.

Dave and team are truly a god send for us! The food is excellent, the customer service is 5 star and they do the right thing for the Seattle community. Most importantly, they’ve allowed our family to eat healthier then we ever have before!
Big thanks to the PLM team!

Connor M.

Another great meal. I am not by any means a vegan, but I love this place!

Michelle J.

Fabulous and tasty ready to eat plant based meals delivered right to your door! Great service and great food!

Melanie K.

The food is amazing! We absolutely love Plant Life Meals!

Tanya B.

Great food!! I will be getting this again soon!!!

Jay N.
Plant Life Meals